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Start of something....

posted Dec 30, 2015, 5:34 PM by sohma geek
Hi! No that's too lame... Oh well too late now. I'm sohmageek. A lot of you may know me some may not. But this is the start of something in the making for a while. I like to buy things. I like good deals. I really hate getting shafted by buying shoddy merchandise. So in my attempt to make things better for everyone (that cares) I'm going to start reviewing things. What things? I really don't know yet. I'll try to make a standard way of operating, some may be text only. Some may be web. Some may be just quick this is crap. But mostly I will do my best at Making them safe for work or tagging if it may have language...  Note to all. I will state the price I paid for things when I review them and if there was any kind of sale I'll put the msrp too. I will state when I am provided a demo unit and if I have to return the unit upon completion or if I get to keep it. I will try my hardest to give everything a 1-5 star system (may expand out to packaging etc once I get going.) Also I will work at trying to get my writing skills brushed up a bit with the reviews. I fully expect to look back at this post a year to 2 years from now and say that was rubbish, maybe even rewrite a new versions of this. 

I'm going to review some stuff. Feedback is great!