Lamy Safari Charcoal

posted Apr 22, 2016, 8:47 PM by sohma geek

I've had this pen about a month or so now.  I wanted to wait a bit to be sure before I put it in a review.  I have a Charcoal Lamy Safari with a Fine nib.  
You can get the stats from anywhere really, I really like Goulet Pens for this: 
I don't remember where I purchased this from, but it was a while ago.
So lets get right into it.
Pros: Super Light.  It's one of the lightest pens I've used.
Good Hand Feel- It just fits, part of the lightness.
It's a decent capacity for Cartridges. You can use converters, and the converter has this nice notch to hold it in place extra secure and easy.  refilling the cartridges however the ink syringe I have doesn't fit to the bottom of the cartridge.

Cons:Not very good upside down writing, Used to be, but as I used the nib it seemed to stop writing upside down easily.
triangular grip.  Now if you asked me a month ago when I got this... It was a pro.  however the more I use other pens, this triangular grip makes it so you have to hold it in one way, you can't easily change your grip slightly toward your own preference.

OK... so When I first got this pen, I thought it was similar to a 9.5 out of 10.  I couldn't see much that I wanted to change.  I've used this with 3-5 inks now, only one did I not like the way it flowed.  However it was the 2nd ink I used, and I was still getting used to this pen.  I bet If I used it again it would be better now.

The ink that this pen came with was more a violet with blue, than a blue.  I have googled this and it appears that some are more violet, but it's hard to find.  Side note if anyone else can find a supply of the violet blue cartridge, I'd love them(Even better if it was in bottle.) 

This pen had been my favorite pen.  However as I use this The little things are getting to me.  The grip mostly, and I'd love a larger ink capacity.

Overall 7.5/10

I did not get any compensation for this, this is my Honest opinion of the pen.

*special note, if Goulet pens would prefer to not be linked here I can take down the link, feel free to send me an email.

Start of something....

posted Dec 30, 2015, 5:34 PM by sohma geek

Hi! No that's too lame... Oh well too late now. I'm sohmageek. A lot of you may know me some may not. But this is the start of something in the making for a while. I like to buy things. I like good deals. I really hate getting shafted by buying shoddy merchandise. So in my attempt to make things better for everyone (that cares) I'm going to start reviewing things. What things? I really don't know yet. I'll try to make a standard way of operating, some may be text only. Some may be web. Some may be just quick this is crap. But mostly I will do my best at Making them safe for work or tagging if it may have language...  Note to all. I will state the price I paid for things when I review them and if there was any kind of sale I'll put the msrp too. I will state when I am provided a demo unit and if I have to return the unit upon completion or if I get to keep it. I will try my hardest to give everything a 1-5 star system (may expand out to packaging etc once I get going.) Also I will work at trying to get my writing skills brushed up a bit with the reviews. I fully expect to look back at this post a year to 2 years from now and say that was rubbish, maybe even rewrite a new versions of this. 

I'm going to review some stuff. Feedback is great!

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